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The characteristics

of the DAP molecule include


easy elution and no leakage


specific binding to product (to secure selective reaction with target protein(s) and easy dissolving of formed DAP-target complexes


tight binding to solid support (to secure immobilization and final removal of DAP molecules from product stream)

The purification process consists of three steps: catch, clean and collect. Catch. The DAP molecule reacts in solution with the feed stream containing the target molecule(s) e.g., an antibody. Clean. Impurities including HCP (host cell proteins) and DNA are removed followed by dissociation of the DAP-antibody complex and capture of DAP to a biotin support. Collect. The purified antibody is collected and the membrane cartridge is discharged.

Catch, Clean and Collect

The plasma fractionation industry can significantly increase earnings when they implement CHRETO Technology® in their production. CHRETO® Technology improves the IVIG yield from plasma above 90 %.

Productivity enhancement

Plasma Fractionation industry

CHRETO® technology improves the purification of gamma immunoglobulin (IgG) from human plasma from current yield of 50-60% up to > 90%. This translates into production of additional 2g IgG per liter plasma than industrial average and enables treatment of additional 100.000 patients with primary immunodeficiency disorders, neurological and autoimmune diseases worldwide.

The additional 2 g IVIG purified from 1 Liter human plasma translates into more than EUR 1 billion additional EBIT for a plasma company processing e.g., 10 million liters of plasma annually

CHRETO® technology is a disruptive purification technology, which is compatibility with existing process equipment in the plasma fractionation industry, offering cost-effectiveness, scalability, environmental responsibility and increased revenue, while expanding access to IgG for patients worldwide.

Biopharmaceutical industry

CHRETO® Technology provides cycle time improvements for monoclonal antibody (mAb) production. Process savings per batch are 20 hours, corresponding to 40-50 days in manufacturing facility per year when comparing a Protein A column process versus CHRETO® Technology. Results were obtained at a workshop on manufacturing costs assessment in collaboration with a major biopharmaceutical manufacturer and NNE A/S, based on a process including 2000 L and harvest at 5 g/L.