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CHRETO’s single-use

purification technology

a paradigm shift for the biopharmaceutical industry

Our vision

CHRETO’s vision is to make life saving products affordable for more patients. The CHRETO Technology┬« will radically improve the process efficiency of downstream processing of large biomolecules. We believe that CHRETO Technology┬« will bring a true revolution to biomanufacturing, which has been sought by the industry for decades.

knowledge is progress

Catch, Clean & Collect

The DAP (Dual Affinity Protein) technology is straightforward and consists of three steps: catch, clean and collect. After the fast reaction between DAP and IgG to form 3D complexes in solution is completed, then diatomaceous earth (filter aid) is added to the complex solution. The suspension is loaded into a filter house to form a depth filter. Other plasma proteins are washed away (for further processing) and the pure DAP-IgG complexes are dissolved and eluted from the depth filter by lowering the pH. Finally, DAP is captured by a biotin scavenger and pure IgG is collected.

The DAP technology is a platform technology and can be widely applicable for purification of other proteins and viral purifications.

The DAP technology enables to treat more patients with immune deficiencies worldwide by making more IVIG available from the limited human plasma source.

The DAP technology is a robust and reproducible purification process, which provide a similar relative distribution of IgG subclasses (IgG1, IgG2, IgG3 and IgG4) as the current IVIG products.